DunAn Group, founded in 1987, adheres to the development concept of “energy saving and environmental protection”. Now it has become a diversified industrial group that integrates precision manufacturing, advanced equipment, civil explosive chemical industry, new energy, new materials, investment management, and modern agriculture. 34 subordinate companies of DunAn Group have obtained high-tech enterprise certification, and four are listed companies, namely DunAn Environment (002011), Jiangnan Chemical (002226), Huayi Machinery (833125) and Jinglei Corporation (834095). At present, the Group ranks 283 among the top 500 Chinese enterprises and 81 among the top 500 Chinese private enterprises.

Zhejiang DunAn Electro-Mechanical Technology Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of DunAn Environment ans is a second-tier subsidiary of the DunAn Group. The products cover all types of central air-conditioning units, unitary air-conditioners, end units, air purification equipment and other equipment in the commercial, military, nuclear power, communications, rail transit, electronic purification, pharmaceutical purification and many other industries. The Company has drafted many national standards of central air-conditioning units and has national-level technology centers and national recognition (CNAS certification) laboratory. It is a key hi-tech enterprise of China and an implementation unit of national Torch Plan.

Entrepreneurship, creation and innovation have been integrated into the blood of DunAn's people. The technical people of Zhejiang DunAn Electro-Mechanical Technology Co., Ltd. forges agead and has innovated the two-stage compression centrifugal chiller, oil-free and low-noise magnetic levitation centrifugal chiller, multi-compressor parallel chiller with falling-film evaporator, high-efficiency air-conditioning boxes with oval tube heat exchangers, nuclear-grade chillers with the third-generation nuclear power "Hualong I" and other high-tech products.