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Work Harder - DunAn 2017 Advanced Employee Commendation Conference Held Successfully Activity Time:2018-01-28to2018-01-28

As spring comes, everything looks fresh and gay. When flowers start to blossom, DunAn Central Air Conditioning kicked off the 2017 Advanced Employee Commendation Conference. Through the convening of this conference, DunAn reviewed the past and looked forward to the future. It established a development plan of 2018, and determined long-term goals and development deployment at the beginning of the new year, with the goal of realizing greater breakthroughs after working harder in the new year. 

Commend advanced employees to march forward 2018 

The conference began with commendation. The leaders of DunAn Central Air Conditioning Managers' Office respectively granted 18 awards, including the "Sunshine Club Advanced Award", "Talent Award", "Outstanding Newcomer Award", "Dedication Award", "Marketing Elite Award", "Excellent First-line Manager" and "Advanced Team Award", for advanced individuals and teams. 

Stick to the TQM road and quality is the foundation of development 

As an important part of all DunAn's conferences, DunAn Central Air Conditioning has always placed emphasis on the importance of product quality. Quality is the life of an enterprise. Quality control and quality improvement are the driving force of the company. At the conference, the Quality Director of DunAn Electro-Mechanical gave a wonderful explanation of DunAn's TQM road, "A company that wants sustainable development should follow a scientific management process and total quality management is the quality work that we need to practice next." 

In the future, DunAn Electro-Mechanical will organize the construction of quality culture from all aspects of management, technology and operations, strictly control product quality, and make unremitting efforts to provide users with more efficient and stable products. 

13th Five-Year Strategic Plan released, to define the future with hard work 

It is worth mentioning that the general manager of DunAn Electro-Mechanical also focused on the publication of the 13th Five-Year Strategic Plan of DunAn Central Air Conditioning at the conference. The report provided a comprehensive and objective summary of the previous work of DunAn Electro-Mechanical, deeply analyzed the current market situation of DunAn, and clearly defined the strategic guiding thought for 2018 and the focus of the work. He also emphasized that all the people of DunAn must always focus on the guiding thought of "customer-centered and striver-based and focus on the same target" in the new year to apply the content of the work report to actual work, and strive to achieve the company's 13th Five-Year strategic goal! 

DunAn's passionate people made a vow and desired to work hard. Looking forward to 2018, I hope that everyone in DunAn can stand in front of the tide and write a new chapter. In terms of the market, DunAn Electro-Mechanical will also focus on customers, continue to complete technical upgrades, product innovations and service upgrades, continue to advance towards the goal of "leader of healthy and comfortable environment", and adhere to the product concepts of "protecting environment with environmental-friendly products, creating safety with safe products and serving professions with professional products", so as to bring energy-efficient system solutions to users.