School and Hospital

For schools and hospitals that require hot water, we recommend the use of full heat recovery air-cooled heat pump units + energy-saving end unit (air handler of oval tube heat exchanger/fan coil unit system). The heat recovery air-cooled heat pump unit has three uses and complete functions. It can achieve summer cooling, winter heating, providing domestic hot water all year round and other functions; the compressors, wind-side heat exchangers, air conditioning circulating pumps and hot water circulating water pumps, domestic hot water temperature system and other systems have intelligent integrated control. After connecting hot and cold water pipes, water tanks and air-handling end unit of air conditioner, the unit can be put into use to meet the user's demands for air-conditioning cooling and heating and domestic hot water.

The system can realize the functions of cooling, heating, and providing domestic hot water. When cooling in the summer, it can provide domestic hot water free of charge at the same time and provide domestic hot water separately in other seasons, so as to reduce the initial investment and operating costs of the project. The system integration solution has the advantages of high efficiency, environmental protection, energy saving, and no emission pollution.