•  Free cooling air-cooled screw chiller
  • Free cooling air-cooled screw chiller

    Type: FLMB***Z Refrigerant code: R134a

    Range of application

    Refrigerating capacity: 264-1710kW

1. The unit adopts R134a refrigerant, featuring by chlorine free, ozone layer destruction index of zero, and environmental friendly.

2. The unit is equipped with a natural cooling function. In winter, the natural cold sources are used for cooling and there is no need to turn on the compressor, thus greatly reducing the power consumption the unit, and realizing efficient and energy-saving operation.

3. By using the innovative air-side heat exchanger design, water coils and fluorine coils are combined into one and the structural strength is guaranteed; heat exchangers are symmetrically arranged in a V-shape, so as to get more uniform wind distribution on the wind side and better heat transfer performance.

4. The newly upgraded dry shell-and-tube heat exchanger has a more uniform flow distribution on the water side and fluorine side and the heat transfer efficiency is increased by more than 20%.

5. The electronic expansion valve is used for throttling, which features a wide range of adjustment, fast response, high control accuracy, and good reliability, so as to ensure that the unit always runs in the best condition.

6. The network communication function can realize network group control of multiple hosts and has the function of remote communication.

Type: FLMB***Z

Refrigerating capacity: 264-1710kW
Refrigerant code: R134a