• Scroll water-cooled chiller

    Scroll water-cooled chiller

    Type: SW*** Refrigerating capacity: 80-3024kW Refrigerant: R410A

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  • Dry type screw chiller

    Dry type screw chiller

    It can be widely used in hotels, hospitals, pharmaceutical factories, cinemas and theatres, stadiums, entertainment centers, commercial buildings, office buildings, industrial mining enterprises etc., to provide cold water for the central air-conditioning.

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  • Variable speed drive screw chiller

    Variable speed drive screw chiller

    Type: SLB*** JV Refrigerant code: R134a

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  • Falling-film screw chiller

    Falling-film screw chiller

    Type: SLB***J Refrigerant code: R134a Optional function: Total heat recovery

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  • Flooded screw chiller

    Flooded screw chiller

    Type: SL***M Refrigerant: R22 Optional functions: Heat recovery function

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  • Oil-free centrifugal chiller

    Oil-free centrifugal chiller

    Type: SM***J Optional function: Free cooling function

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